Zircon, a stone with a thousand facets

Zircon, a stone with a thousand
Knowing more about this fantastic and marvelous stone is of paramount
importance for those who want to appreciate the properties of this stone,
which is often poorly known and devalued but which still has
unexploited potentialities. Zircon is above all a stone with bewitching
reflections, strongly implanted in the earth and whose history goes hand
in hand with that of the planet. As a result, wearing zircon is, in a way,
communing with history, being one with the world around us, traveling
through time, at a time when the world was nothing but dust piles and of
gas, land of volcano and chaos, where the man, as it is conceived, had no
place yet.
Rather than being a simple ornamental stone, zircon is also of scientific
interest as this stone is totally different from the others and makes it an
exceptional stone.
Zircon in all its states:
From zarqun or Zargun, zircon, sometimes confused with its almost
homonymous zirconium, is what could be called a "colored gem", a
colored crystal, sometimes green sometimes dark red, yellow or orange
yellow or brown.
Among the oldest stones that exist, cubic zirconia stones are rare
because of the complexity of its formation that merges with the
formation of the Earth itself. Indeed, zircon is usually formed during the
formation of plutonic rocks, such as granitoids which are mostly at the
base of the formation of the earth's crust. Zircon is therefore as old as the
Earth itself.
Zircon has long been known to men who have incorporated it into their
myths, donning this stone with a divine aura and endowing it with
magical powers. Thus, the Hindu poets speak of the Kalpa tree, covered
with golden fruits and zircon leaves, given as an offering to the gods of
the Hindu pantheon, while in the Middle Ages it was given the faculty of
soothing sleep and to bring prosperity and wisdom.
Multi-faceted zircon:
With its supposed powers, zircon has exerted a great fascination on all
civilizations, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of collectors to collect all
the nuances of this stone. However, transparent zircons are the most
used in jewelery, because of their resemblance to diamond, which makes
this stone an ideal substitute to adorn the most beautiful works of
jewelers. Apart from believing that wearing zircon is easy. This stone,
being one of the heaviest stones that exist, and can also be easily
scratched, requires the attention of its owner at all times, at risk of
damaging a possible masterpiece.
Properties and Virtues of Zircon:
 Synchronizes the energy of the three bodies (physical, emotional,
 Strengthen the mind, providing calm, peace and harmony.
 Help in case of grief, mourning, fear.
 Dissolves blockages and energy losses.
 Calms the pain, repairs the sick cells or infected with a virus or a
parasite, stops the infections.
 Beneficial for intestinal problems.
 Give courage and strength.
 Calm the big emotional charges.
 Allows compatibility in interpersonal relationships.
 Helps success in all businesses and confers business skills.
Cubic zirconia price ranges from $10- $1000. Its average price is about
$100 for very good quality stones.
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