Are Drug Rehabs Effective In Treating Addiction

Are Drug Rehabs Effective In Treating Addiction?
Many people complete drug rehabs, but are they an affective method of
treating the core issues of substance abuse and all of the underlying
factors? According to a NIDA study involving a community of addicts
in recovery, the majority of individuals being monitored over a
prolonged period of stay in addiction treatment were able to:
Reduce drug use (by 40 to 60%)
Reduce criminal activities (by up to 50%)
Return back to their employment (by up to 40%)
Resume normal social and psychological functioning
Individuals who received methadone treatment were shown to have
improved participation in behavioral therapy and also exhibited a
reduced tendency to engage in criminal behavior and drug use. Like all
other chronic health disorders, addiction can be successfully managed
through appropriate drug rehab care.
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The success rate for any individual will depend to a large extent to the
level of addiction, the duration of addiction and the appropriateness of
the particular treatment program.
Similar to other chronic disorders, addicts can experience a relapse.
Does experiencing relapse mean a treatment program failed? Not
necessarily. A relapse on the part of a patient could be an indication that
the program needs to be re-evaluated and adjusted to meet the current
circumstance of the addict.
Would Rehab Work for Me?
There is a general consensus among researchers that drug rehab
produces varying success rates with substance use disorder. As already
stated, your successful recovery from drug addiction will depend on a
number of factors such as the substance of abuse, the length of addiction
and your individual commitment to your drug rehab program.
Each year, thousands of families make the conscious decision to seek
rehab care for a loved one with an addiction. There is overwhelming
evidence that these individuals gradually regain sobriety and return back
to the life they previously enjoyed.
Each year, Recreate Life Counseling helps pull hundreds of hundreds of
individuals and families out of the despair of drug addiction. Lasting
recovery is within reach.
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