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The most frequent doubts about the therapy for
What is stress disorder?
The stress disorder occurs when the body’s response is given for a long time,
continuously or frequently. It is in these cases where the consequences of a prolonged
exposure to a stress situation occur.
The main problem of a person who is stressed is that he frequently perceives situations
or demands that he has to face. Therefore, he is continuously activating his organism
to face this kind of situations. In this way, it ends up forcing it in excess to the
organism. Signs Of Stress And Anxiety -All this to produce in a habitual way
psychological and physical symptoms such as: headaches, bad digestion, tachycardia,
irritability, anxiety, etc. Both in cases with symptoms of recent onset and in cases with
chronic symptoms, it is advisable to perform some type of therapy for stress. In the
long term, these mentioned symptoms can cause wear and tear and lead to the
development of more serious diseases.
Develop the diagnosis
In stress disorder the most important thing is to pick Stress Therapist Near Me who
can make a correct and specific diagnosis. On the first visit the therapist will perform
a full psychological examination. The objective is to determine the physical and
emotional symptomatology that the patient presents. The specialist will also conduct a
study of the situations that cause this stress situation. These triggers of stress are
known as stressors. And they are all those situations to which the patient considers
that he must face. In the therapy Drug Rehabs In Louisiana will also inquire about
the reason why this disorder has developed over time. It is essential to know the
beginning of the problem, critical moments, etc. As well as how the patient has
reacted to try to solve them.
Psychological treatment
The techniques used in stress therapy can be very diverse. In this sense, the cognitive
restructuring, the modification of habits and lifestyle. As well as the acquisition of
coping skills are the most important to solve this type of case.
In Drug Treatment Centers In Louisiana we have a treatment that is structured in
different phases. From the first visit we introduce changes in the patient's lifestyle. In
order that you can face your stressors with a body more rested and prepared. It is
essential at the same time to take an adequate diet, exercise, get a restful sleep, etc.
The second step will be based on developing coping skills. These will allow the
patient to face adequately to their daily stressors. Finally, what will be attempted is to
modify the mental aspects that make the patient vulnerable to these situations of
Treatments for stress disorders that do not apply these techniques in an appropriate
manner are generally not effective. Therefore, our main mission will be that at the end
of the treatment not only the stressors have been eliminated. But also the patient has
become a person resistant to stress.
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