What is chronic stress and what is best solution for it

What is chronic stress and what is best
solution for it?
Although stress is a natural response of the organism to specific situations that involve a
novelty, a challenge or even a trauma, when this response is sustained over time, a
clinical situation is reached which is called chronic stress and can have important
consequences for the physical and mental health of those who suffer it. Examples of this
type of stress are burned worker syndrome, depression of the long-term unemployed,
which is associated with family economic problems, etc.
The Chronic stress Symptoms can be numerous, but basically they can be said to be
those unresolved situations that remain for weeks, months and even years without trying
to find a Chronic Stress Treatment to the problem that generates it.
The worst thing is that if it is not controlled, the stress will reach a level of pathological
anxiety that causes important disorders in the body
Main Causes of Chronic Stress
In short, chronic stress produces physical and emotional wear and tear that can lead to
serious illnesses, such as cardiovascular accidents, stroke, depression and even cancer, as
recent studies in the United States have shown. In the case of depression, sociality or
violence are two possibilities that may be present if not treated properly.
The fundamental problem in relation to chronic stress is that it is under diagnosed, since
it is common for the sufferer to get used to it and not go to the doctor despite the obvious
symptoms. In such cases, only when the organism reaches the limit and there is a panic
attack, a heart attack, any other warning of this nature, is it possible to identify chronic
stress as a causative agent.
Chronic stress: ways to control it
What is stress? It is necessary to define it to understand how it affects us.
Chronic Stress Syndrome is a state of mental fatigue caused by the demand for a much
higher than normal performance; It usually causes various physical and mental disorders.
It is undoubtedly one of the sequels of the twentieth century. Societies are becoming
more complex. Increase in population, higher labor demand, etc. People must work more
and more, families share less time together. This is when worries and anxieties begin to
gain ground. At night you cannot sleep thinking about everything you have to do the next
day, you drink a lot of coffee, you dedicate it to lunch, paperwork, shopping, and meeting
of parents of your children's school. In short, feeling tired or tired becomes your everyday
Treatment of chronic stress
The Chronic Stress Treatment Springfield involves the need for a radical change in
lifestyle. Sometimes, it is possible to solve a situation of this type by solving the problem
that generates it: changing jobs, divorcing, etc. But it is not always possible, as with the
long-term unemployed, families without economic or similar resources.
In some cases, making changes in lifestyle, such as taking care of food, practicing
physical exercise regularly, spending time with leisure and hanging out with friends,
finding ways and moments for relaxation or similar practices can be very effective in
overcoming the chronic stress But many other emotional wasting and the initial
symptoms of depression should lead to thinking about the convenience of seeking
psychological support and undergoing therapy.