Chronic stress

Chronic stress can "exhaust" the body directly and
make it sick
Cancer survivors often use the term chemobrain to describe the memory and thinking
problems that arise after cancer treatment. Chemobrain may also be called
chemoembolic, cognitive impairment related to chemotherapy or cognitive
Although the use of the term chemobrain is widespread, it is deceptive. It is unlikely
that chemotherapy is the only cause of memory problems and concentration in cancer
survivors. Researchers are working to better understand the changes in memory
suffered by people who have cancer.
Despite the large number of questions, it is clear that memory problems, commonly
thought What Is Chemo Brain, can be a frustrating and debilitating side effect of
cancer and its treatment. More studies are needed to understand this condition.
The cause of the chemobrain is not clear, and no cure has been identified. In most
cases, memory problems related to cancer are temporary, so Chemo Brain
Treatment focuses on dealing with the symptoms.
A standard treatment for memory problems related to cancer has not been developed.
Since the symptoms and severity differ from one person to another, your doctor can
work with you to develop a personalized approach to address these problems.
Diseases caused by stress
Although it is difficult to completely get rid of Diseases Caused By Stress, the ideal
is to learn to control it. The daily problems, the accelerated routine and the busy
lifestyle that we lead cause us to live in a constant emotional tension that affects our
 Dermatitis
 Amenorrhea
High blood pressure
Arterial hypertension
How stress affects your entire health?
If stress ends up being a constant in your life, your cells will suffer and you will
experience rapid physical and mental wear. This can end up in Health Effects Of
Chronic Stress in many ways.
 Cortisol and adrenaline: the hormones of anxiety
In periods of stress, the adrenal glands, located on the kidneys, release a type of
hormone called cortisol.
 The wear of the immune system
The immune system is one of the most affected by the deviation of energy towards
those processes that allow react quickly to possible threats.
 Cervical pain
Almost 50% of people with chronic stress suffer this symptom. And is that the
cervical area, when you live under a continuous tension, tends to seize up in any
situation: a discussion, a small setback.
 Hair loss
Stress alters the absorption of trace elements and basic amino acids and narrows the
arteries, limiting circulation in the scalp.
 Digestive problems
Many nerves pass through the digestive system, so this is very sensitive to any
emotional disturbance.
 Sleep disturbances
High levels of cortisol keep you in such a state of alert that they make relaxation
difficult and, therefore, it costs you to fall asleep.
Ways to eliminate chronic stress
 Do sport
Actually, one of the best ways we have available to get rid of excess stress is by
 Manage time in another way
More than managing time you must seek something essential: give yourself quality
 Eat healthy
Food has everything to do with how one feel. Foods with white flour, artificial
sweeteners, fast food, soft drinks, sweets and fried foods do not help to improve the