Chronic stress causes, symptoms and treatment

Chronic stress: causes, symptoms and treatment
Stress is a widespread phenomenon today. Its symptoms are many; however, the lifestyle
and culture of Western societies contribute significantly to the emergence of this
affectation. There is number of Center For Anxiety Disorders.
There are different types of stress: acute stress, chronic stress, post-traumatic stress, etc.
If you want to know more about the different kinds of stress, you read below article and
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Chronic stress and acute stress
 It is important to differentiate between acute stress and chronic stress. Acute stress
occurs at specific moments and temporarily, in response to the experimentation of
one or more highly stressful events, and as a result the person suffers from anxiety.
Although stress can be positive in small doses, in high doses can affect our mental
and physical health: muscle aches, headaches, exhaustion, gastric problems,
tachycardia, etc. You can contact with Anxiety Therapist Near Me to know more
about it.
 Stress, however, can also be chronic, which is a more damaging way to experience
this condition. When the stress is prolonged over time , there is a physical,
emotional or mental exhaustion that has consequences on the self-esteem and
health of the affected person, causing even a severe depression. Either because the
person lives in a hostile environment in times of war, is unable to pay a mortgage
debt, suffers burn syndrome at work or is not able to face divorce, the result is
devastating and has a strong impact on your emotional and general well being
Chronic stress has a particular characteristic that differentiates it from other types of
stress. And it is that the stressor or event is manifested again and again, that is, that the
stressor is not temporary and remains unchanged over time. Chronic Stress Disorder
Treatment is only the option to deal with it.
An example of chronic stress
 The same thing does not happen in chronic stress, because the stressful event
occurs again and again, repeatedly over time. It may happen that you feel burned
at work because the leadership style of your superior is causing you an agonizing
situation day in and day out , because your boss does not consider your potential,
criticizes you constantly and, by not giving you clear and concrete orders , is
causing ambiguity and role conflict. Get Best Treatment For Generalized
Anxiety Disorder for this issue.
 It can also happen that an individual is involved in a mortgage debt that forces him
to pay an amount that cannot cope. Months pass and he is increasingly in debt,
which is causing anxiety, despair, insomnia, severe depression and, in addition, he
sees no way out. Both cases are examples of chronic stress and for this take Best
Treatment For Anxiety Disorder .
 As you see, the causes can be varied; however, the frequency of presentation of
the stressor is what causes the harmful consequences for mental health. Now, it
must be clear that, sometimes, it is not the stressful event itself that causes the
stress, but how we interpret this event and how we face it . Our beliefs and our
resources are very important. Therefore, what for one person can be stressful, for
another it is not?