Long Island Fenantyl Detox Centers

Long Island Fenantyl Detox Centers
It’s more powerful than heroin and has dangerous side effects that include an
increase in opioid overdoses across the United States in recent years. The numbers
of people becoming addicted to Fentanyl- or drugs cut with Fentanyl- are
skyrocketing. The illegal manufacturing of Fentanyl has caused the availability of
Fentanyl on the street to increase. Before this drug was illegally manufactured, it
could only be acquired through a prescription from a doctor for someone who is
diagnosed with severe chronic pain.
Today Fentanyl has become prevalent on Long Islandbecause it is easy to get, and
the people who are addicted to it are suffering from severe opioidwithdrawal
symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms of Fentanyladdiction resemble heroin and
other opiate withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include restlessness, heavy
yawning, enlarged pupils, runny nose, body aches, tremors/twitching, chills or
sweating, anxiety and panic, cold sweats and goose pimples, stomach cramps,
nausea,and vomiting or diarrhea. Luckily we have Long Island Interventions and
we are able to help you on the road to recovery.
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Long Island Interventions
To safely detox from Fentanyl, medical supervision is necessary to ensure safety
and successful detoxification. Fentanyl detox centers use MAT’s or MedicationAssisted-Treatment drugs to help the addict tolerate the withdrawal symptoms with
little to no discomfort. The most common drug prescribed to help alleviate
withdrawal symptoms from FentanyladdictionisSuboxone and Methadone. We
recommend the best Long Island drug rehabs that deal with fentanyl abuse and
opioid dependence.
The Fentanyl detoxification time frame lasts anywhere from ten days to two weeks.
The first three to five days are the most severe as well as dangerous. Without
medical supervision and detox medications, Fentanyl addicts can relapse, and an
accidental overdose can easily cause a life-threatening emergency. It is vitally
important that anyone who is addicted to Fentanyl receive medical support during
their detoxification.
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The addiction centers we recommend for Fentanyl detox are all supervised by
medical doctors who specialize in opiate and Fentanyl addiction. Every client is
prescribed safe medications to ease their withdrawal symptoms and allowed to rest
while they detox. Once a person has been stabilized a team of substance abuse
counselors, and mental health practitioners provide the client options for Fentanyl
addiction treatment. If you or your loved one has become addicted to Fentanyl, the
first step to stop the physical sickness is to be admitted into a Fentanyl Detox
center and begin on the road to freedom.