Custom Injection Molding Parts

Custom Injection Molding Parts
Sincere Techis plastic mold company specialized in Build Small to
Medium Size plastic injection Molds, plastic molding service, Quality,
Customer Satisfaction, Construct Molds Quickly
Sincere Tech started Designand Buildof Plastic Molds Since 2005
Where The Customer is # 1 and Satisfaction is Guaranteed
For almost 15 years Sincere Tech has designed, built, repaired and
worked on almost every type of mold existing in the plastic industry. We
specialize in designing and building small to medium size molds utilizing
computer systems such as Unigraphics and Key Creator. These systems
are coupled with our high speed CNC Machines for quality solutions to
complex problems.
 injection molded parts
 custom injection molder
 insert molding
Our qualified professional staff is our best resource; our people are very
dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.
SINCERE TECH Mold: Care & Craftsmanship in
Mold Building
Craftsmen at SINCERE TECH have the ability to construct intricate and
efficient molds quickly, whether they be simple single-cavity molds or
complex multi-cavity molds. All SINCERE TECH tooling is designed to
use high-quality mold bases and selected tool steels; and are engineered
for maximum process windows, ease of repair and long life..
Our toolmakers are fully qualified and skilled at using modern production
techniques. Using our computerized CNC System (CAD/CAM),
SINCERE TECH craftsmen are able to produce new molds with
dollar-saving speed and accuracy, or troubleshoot your existing molds.
Whether the job calls for conventional cold, hot, or insulated runner
systems, SINCERE TECH toolmakers have the experience to design and
build the mold correctly.
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Because molds are our specialty, SINCERE TECH develops a close
working relationship with each customer. We pride ourselves in our
ability to solve your design-to-production challenges, delivering on time a
quality mold engineered to your exact specifications.
SINCERE TECH Mold: State-of-the-Art Engineering
SINCERE TECH engineering resources include UniGraphics CAD/CAM
and Key Creator. Also, strategic partnerships with the affiliated
companies of Eikenberry& Associates provide us with prototyping,
reverse engineering and sampling capabilities. Our integrated engineering
process includes a team concept, designed to analyze your mold needs
and performance requirements.
Our engineers employ advanced quality planning techniques and
practices. Because we take the time to provide you with reliable quotes,
solid designs, periodic tool progress reports and timely parts approval
submissions, you receive a superior mold at a competitive price.
Our mold-making capabilities include high speed CNC Milling and CNC
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), able to produce complex molds
with intricate detail, in a minimum time frame and with reduced cost.