Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Custom Plastic Injection Molding
SINCERE TECH is a custom plastics injection molding company with facilities
in Dongguan, Guangdon, China. We provide total parts and design, OEM
contract manufacturing, plastic mold build, Injection Molded Plastic Parts
manufacturing and assembly to OEMs in the medical, electronics, computer,
automotive, and industrial markets.
Our core competencies include small and medium tonnage molding, stack mold
manufacturing, controlled environment molding, in-mold decorating and
engineering design services.
 Plastic Food Storage Containers
 China Plastic Mold Company
SINCERE TECH emphasizes single vendor, total solution plastics molding and
a capacity for providing the highest level quality assurance. We focus on a
customer relationship that taps into our core strength of providing superior
design, consulting and problem solving services.
We also understand that to satisfy our customers' needs for precision plastic
products and services, we need to respond quickly to changes both in technology
and in the marketplace. We are committed to maintaining a leadership position in
the use of technology in information and in manufacturing systems. To help our
customers remain competitive in their marketplace, SINCERE TECH has
developed a network of resources we can offer - - - business alliances and
strategic partners who share our values, philosophies, and goals.
 Injection Mold China Company
 China Plastic Injection Molding Company
SINCERE TECH's corporate culture is focused on learning and personal
development. We emphasize recruiting, educating and retaining competent and
results-oriented staff.
Customer satisfaction is our mission and our benchmark. At SINCERE TECH
Plastics, LLC, we are prepared to respond to your next business challenge.
SINCERE TECH Plastics offers its customers an on-site Engineering Design
Center in which design, engineering, mold development, and manufacturing are
brought together as integrated services, rather than independent steps. SINCERE
TECH's engineering and technical teams influence projects in the earliest, most
cost-effective stages, assisting customers in design and concept before and
during the blueprint phase.
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The EDC creates an environment conducive to communication and
cost-effective engineering solutions for our customers. The EDC allows us to
minimize the design and manufacturing phases, giving the customer far greater
control over lead times. Procedurally, the EDC brings the relationship between
design and material, overhead, and labor into balance.
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